New and enhanced VCL components in Tiburon

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    Joe White Wednesday, 30 July 2008

    One thing you didn't show is how these components appear in Windows 2000, which, for example, doesn't support grouping in listviews.

    And it's a shame you don't make the bsCommandLink and bsSplitButton styles more usable in pre-Vista (losing the CommandLinkHint and the split indicator, respectively). If you can show images on regular TButtons in XP, you should be able to show additional text and some sort of dropdown arrow.

    But since you've got something approximating command-link buttons in pre-Vista, will you have some sort of task dialog component (and/or functions in Dialogs.pas) that works in pre-Vista?

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    Anders Ohlsson Friday, 8 August 2008

    It is beta and in flux, so your issues may be addressed in the shipping product. Stay tuned.

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