My Webinar(s) May 5 - Finding and Fixing performance problems in database-driven applications

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Alarm SMS messages and emails are being sent by the performance monitoring system to the production DBA team and the development team alerting everyone that the latest release of a critical business application and the underlying databases are grinding to a halt. The developers, QA team, and DBAs all point fingers at each other. The developers say “My code is perfect. It passed all of the unit, system and load tests.” The QA team says “we tested and certified the code, the SQL, and the database”. The DBAs say “the production servers are configured according to the specifications and have all of the latest updates.” Has this ever happened to you?

I am doing 3 webinars, tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5, that are focused on how to find and fix performance problems in complex database driven application systems.

Where are the problems? The IT director asks everyone these four big questions:

  1. Application code – is the source code inefficient?

  2. SQL code – are the SQL statements and stored procedures inefficient?

  3. Database – is it designed and configured correctly?

  4. Hardware – is the machine undersized or the network clogged?

I will present a real world scenario, identify the application and database performance and implementation issues, show how you can use the integration of ER/Studio®, Embarcadero® RAD Studio and Embarcadero® DB Optimizer™ to track down and fix the problems in the source code, the SQL and the database.  All three of these database and development tools are one of the current promotional offers that are available until June 28 - Buy RAD Studio Enterprise, get RAD Studio Architect + DB Optimizer.

You’ll learn how a combination of tools for data modeling and schema reverse-engineering, object design, RAD development, unit testing, and SQL database profiling and tuning can:

  • Give technical teams visibility into the code, data model, and database interactions in both the development cycle and in production environments

  • Give the app development, database, and QA teams common tools and vocabulary for a collaborative dialog for finding, analyzing, and fixing performance issues

  • Give the IT Director the factual information they need to end the blame game and foster productive discussions for taking corrective actions and allocating resources for development, database issues, and hardware upgrades

To register for one (or more) of the webinars go to:

Bring your performance questions and I'll try to help guide you to better performing applications.

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