My CodeRage7 Delphi FireMonkey 3D session and demos source code

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In this very moment my CodeRage7 "FireMonkey 3D Programming in Delphi XE3" session is being presented.

I have promised in the recording to make the demo source code available for download and publish the URL here, so... Here we go!

All demos of my CodeRage7 Delphi XE3 FireMonkey3D session are available for download from Embarcadero CodeCentral.

There are five demo projects in the download:

  • "LowLevel3D" is a modified version of XE3 "HelloWorld3D" project. The refactorings include moving custom material implementation to a separate unit and creating geometry data only once and not in every call to "OnRender" event

  • "SimpleInteractive3D" is a simple demo that demonstrates basics of the new XE3 material system and how to interact with the FireMonkey 3D objects

  • "MemoryGame3D" is a simple game that illustrates how to create a simple interactive FireMonkey 3D app

  • "Arrows3D" is a demo project that illustrates working with TDummy object and FireMonkey 3D coordinate system

  • "SpaceDebris" is the last demo and show how to work with custom 3D files and load them dynamically into "TModel3D" components

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    Kevin Killion Wednesday, 14 November 2012

    We are considering buying XE3, so I'd love to see what the finished apps look like. Is there somewhere to download the finished Windows and Mac apps from these demos? Thanks!

  • Guest
    Pawel Glowacki Sunday, 18 November 2012

    Probably the easiest way is to download the RAD Studio XE3 trial and build my demos from the source code provided! Check out current promos that run until the end of this year if you are considering purchasing RAD Studio XE3:-)
    best regards,

  • Guest
    Kevin Killion Wednesday, 21 November 2012

    Pawel, thanks, but I respectfully disagree. BY FAR, the easiest way to see what these apps look and "feel" like when completed would be to download the finished apps. TIME REQUIRED: 5 minutes.

    Your suggested alternative is to 1) download XE3 trial, 2) install XE3 trial, 2) download your source code, 4) build the Windows app, 5) download XCODE, 6) figure out what steps are needed to build for Mac from XE3, 7) perform those steps, and 8) build the Mac app. TIME REQUIRED: Hours!

    Please, can't you simply post the finished Win and Mac apps somewhere?

    Thank you!

  • Guest
    Pawel Glowacki Wednesday, 5 December 2012

    Delphi CodeRage7 sessions are now available for playback so you could watch them live how the finished apps look like.

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