My CodeRage7 Delphi DataSnap session and demos source code

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The CodeRage7 online Delphi developer conference is in full swing! There is plenty of great content and I'm looking forward to replies of some sessions as it is impossible to follow all of them!

To me the biggest news is to have Marco Cantù appointed as the new Delphi Product Manager! Welcome to The Team!

In a moment my "Building Scalable Multitier Systems with DataSnap XE3" starts. It is prerecorded and I have promised to put the link to source code of all demos presented on my blog, which means here!

All demos of my CodeRage7 DataSnap session are available for download from Embarcadero CodeCentral.

There are five demos in the download. Every demo is a project group made of a server and a client project. All demos are using TCP/IP as the communication protocol and the client is a Delphi FireMonkey HD application.

  • DataSnap XE3 "HelloWorld" is the first demo and shows how to get started with DataSnap wizards

  • "Server Methods Lifecycle" comes next -  the understanding of different lifecycle options for server methods instances is critical for scalability with DataSnap architecture

  • "MultitierDB" demo shows how to create a multitier application for working with data from an arbitrary database table and is using DBExpress on the server side and Visual LiveBindings at the client

  • "SimpleNotifications" demo shows how to get started with using DataSnap callbacks

  • "RoleBasedSecurity" demo is the last demo. It shows how to implement role-based security in DataSnap and how to practically deploy your DataSnap server into the AWS EC2 cloud.

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    Miguel Angel Suárez Wednesday, 7 November 2012

    Hi Pawel,

    Thanks for a great conference at CodeRage7.

    When and how can I download the video of your conference?

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    Kevin Killion Tuesday, 13 November 2012

    It's great to see that more FM demos are coming out! *BUT* ... it would be even better if the completed EXE's (for PCs) and apps (for Mac) were provided. For those of us deciding whether it's time yet to buy XE3, seeing the real apps is the proof of the pudding. Thanks!

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