My 5 favourites in Delphi 2007 for Win32

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I've been blog-tagged by Jason Vokes, so here are my 5 favourites in Delphi 2007 for Win32:

  1. Performance and Stability. This is one single, most important thing about Delphi 2007. The ongoing focus on quality is very much visible in the latest Delphi version. Many programmers report that the Delphi 2007  is faster then Delphi 7. Michael Swindell in the closing session of the CodeRage Conference said, that the goal of the Delphi team was to make Delphi 2007 everybody's favourite Delphi version. This is really visible in the quality of the product.

  2. Community Welcome Page. Delphi enjoys one of the most loyal and passionate users community. The new Welcome Page is very slick and handy. It has been created by one of the luminars of Delphi Community Daniel "sakura" Wischnewski, and now it is the official Welcome Page in Delphi 2007. It is something unique within the industry how many technologies that started as a commmunity project made it into Delphi itself. Since Delphi 2006 we have been all enjoying improved performance through FastMM Memory Manager, that also started as a Delphi Community effort.

  3. DBX4 - New Database Driver Framework. One of the traditional key strengths of Delphi, except for the lightning fast compiler, has always been database programming. The new DBX4 architecture created by Steven Shaughnessy team is simply great. DBX4 consolidates BDP and DBX technologies and it is all written in Delphi. Not only the new DBX4 ships with source code, but it is also single-sourced, which means that the same source code base is used to build Win32 and .NET DBX4 drivers.

  4. Improved Web Services support. The WSDL Importer has been improved in Delphi 2007 and now makes it possible to consume the most popular Web Services, like Amazon or eBay. Most importantly Delphi 2007 ships with WSDL Importer project source code. In a typical Delphi 2007 installation it is located under "C:\Program FilesCodeGearRAD Studio5.0sourceWin32soapwsdlimporterWSDLImp.dpr". One of the units that makes up "WSDLImp" project looks like Delphi Win32 implementation of the MD5 hashing algorithm ("MessageDigest_5.pas"). Does it officially belongs to the VCL?

  5. New Install technology. The new InstallAware technology provides automatic updates functionality to Delphi 2007, which means that it is going to be much easier to install all hotfixes, patches and updates. InstallAware Express edition is also bundled with Delphi 2007, so all Delphi users can use this new install technology to create their own installers. Did I mention that InstallAware is written in Delphi?

That is my list. And now it is YOUR turn:

You are "it"! Tell your 5 favourite things about CodeGear Delphi 2007 for Win32.

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