MVVM Workshop with Malcolm Groves - DAPUG

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Next week is going to be fun for me and around 30 other Delphi developers. Malcolm Groves is coming to Denmark to do our spring workshop.

We (DAPUG = Danish Delphi Users Group) have a workshop twice a year. One in April and one in October. The workshop is a two day event, similar to a Conference, but we have just one speaker talking at ALL the sessions. In fact, this is not entirely true, as we did at some point have both Marco Cantú and Cary Jensen at a workshop. This was not the Delphi Developer Days, but our workshop.

It seems that the workshop is becoming more and more popular both for speakers and attendees. When I joined the board somewhat 8 years ago, I wrote emails to various speakers, asking them to come to the workshop. It wasn't always easy finding a speaker, but I managed to get some really good speakers to come. The last couple of years, has been a mix of me asking speakers if they would come, and speakers asking me if they may come. Thats really great.

The last couple of workshops have been "international" as a couple of guys from Sweden attended. For those of you that dont know, Sweden is VERY close to Denmark, and along with Norway our three countries make up Scandinavia. For those of you who dont know Scandinavia, its Viking Country.

Anyway, the upcoming workshop with Malcolm Groves is even more international as we have attendees from The States, The Netherlands, Sweden as well as Denmark. I'm chuffed.

We have a couple of Sponsors, that I would like to thank for offering free licenses to some of their products for a raffle at the workshop. In no particular order:

Trivia: DAPUG is the Danish users group of Delphi. I am guessing it's one of the worlds oldest Delphi users groups, as it started almost 30 years ago. Now how can that be, considering Delphi is "only" 22 years old.. Well, the group started as Danish Areas Paradox Users Group, but was changed to Delphi And Paradox Users Group and later again to Database Applications Programmers Users Group.

Any questions about the workshop or DAPUG, please just ask...

The agenda is seen here 


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