Multi-Device App Development - iOS, Windows and Mac

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On-Device Rapid Prototyping

Bring your next great app to life in less time than you ever imagined

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
6:00AM PDT / 9:00AM EDT / 13:00 UTC
11:00AM PDT / 2:00PM EDT / 18:00 UTC
5:00PM PDT / 8:00PM EDT /
11:00AM 23-May Australia EDT


You’re invited to an informative webinar about on-device rapid prototyping to learn how you can use Embarcadero RAD Studio and Delphi to rapidly create real app prototypes with live data or prototype data and deploy to actual target devices (PC, phone, tablet) running iOS, Windows and Mac OS X.

Attend this free rapid prototyping webinar to learn how to:

  • Create a real working prototype, incorporate feedback and get your app to market fast

  • Use the power of components to quickly prototype and deploy multi-device applications

  • Collaborate with users, incorporate their feedback, and deliver richer apps

  • Quickly go from prototype to production without wasted effort

The tips and tools you learn about in this webinar and RAD Studio from Embarcadero will help you save development time and effort. This is must-know information for software developers, mobile app developers and development managers.

Take part in our global webinars on May 22 and then continue the On-Device Rapid Prototyping discussion locally with us on the Friday, May 24 during Developer Direct sessions happening all over the world.


Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: