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Probably my favorite part of my job is working with all of our amazing MVPs. They are all amazing experts and enthusiastic developers. They provide valuable feedback to myself, product management and R&D about the future direction of the product through their involvement in the beta program and special MVP meetings.

One of the best indicators I know of for excitement about a new release is when I see a whole lot of new MVP nominations. When we released Android support (right after I started) we almost doubled the number of MVPs in just a short amount of time. In the past few months we are seeing another huge jump in the number of MVPs and in their involvement. Part of that was thanks to a focused effort around C++Builder MVPs (we now have over 30 C++ MVPs) but a huge chunk of it is the result of the growth in our community and the new Linux support. 

Here is a list of the new MVPs since the start of the year. Some of them aren't even in the MVP directory yet, but I'm working on it. And there are still more MVPs in the process of signing up. If you know any of our new MVPs then congratulate them on their status and thank them for all they do to make the developer community even more amazing.

  • Embarcadero MVPsAhmed Sayed, Egypt
  • Eugene Kryukov, Russia
  • Jhonny Suárez, Columbia
  • Greg Reese, US (Ohio)
  • Roger Swann, UK
  • Thulio Bittencourt, Brazil
  • Anish Lakhani, India
  • Aubrey Herman, Netherlands
  • Dion Mai, Brazil
  • Laurent NAVARRO, France
  • Luca Zoller, Italy
  • Ryan Potts, US
  • Francisco Muro, Peru
  • Frank Lauter, Germany
  • Leo Singh, US
  • Ludo Stroetenga, Netherlands
  • Gerhard Stoltz, South Africa
  • Robin Valtot, France
  • Shaun Roselt, South Africa
  • Thomas Theobald, Germany
  • Humphery Kim, South Korea
  • Ilya Prokhodtsev, Russia
  • Grushin Vyacheslav, Russia

If you know an expert developer who is always willing to help, or enthusiastic community members that make the world a better place by sharing their knowledge, let me know!


  • Ahmed Sayed
    Ahmed Sayed Sunday, 9 April 2017

    Thanks to you all,
    Thank you Jim McKeeth for the great opportunity
    I hope I can meet all your expectations

  • clarke
    clarke Friday, 7 April 2017

    Brian Long in the UK has been a big help to me in using the AndroidAPI and JNI bridge amongst others.

  • Hicham Laichi
    Hicham Laichi Friday, 7 April 2017

    مرحبا بالمتميزين الجدد
    أتمنى لكم النجاح،
    كما أتمنى أن نتعاون جميعا لتحقيق الهدف المطلوب

  • Samer Assil
    Samer Assil Friday, 7 April 2017

    welcome aboard.
    It's nice to see someone for Egypt too with us :)

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