Modernize your VCL Windows applications with RAD Studio XE6

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Many companies around the world are now moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 and 8, due to the end of support for Windows XP by Microsoft. If your existing Delphi and C++Builder applications are still based on older technology, it is a great time to migrate and modernize them, supporting the needs of your customers. Marco Cantu recently did a great webinar on this topic,and you can access the replay here.

So what does modernizing your Windows application mean? Nowadays, users don't just expect a feature rich application, but also a stunning UI.

With RAD Studio XE6, you can easily give your existing Delphi or C++ Windows VCL applications an updated  look with new styles and full application styling including menus and borders. Besides Windows 8 UI styling, we also include a nice dark theme and a custom tablet optimized UI style for running your VCL applications on Windows tablets such as the Surface Pro.

Updating the look of your existing VCL app is really easy. Open your VCL application in the IDE, and select Project->Options->Application->Appearance. Then, select the style you want to apply to your VCL application and click 'OK'. You will see your selected style once you build and run the application.

Download a free trial to see how you can modernize your existing Windows applications.

You can also watch a video of our VCL styles in action on our YouTube channel.

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