"Modeling Code with Delphi Enterprise" webinar, Mar 8th, 11AM Amsterdam

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The "Why Upgrade To Enterprise" webinar series continues! Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 8th, 11am CET, I'm going to do a live developer webinar about "Modeling Code with Delphi Enterprise". This webinar will be recorded and repeated later during the day for other timezones.

The webinar is free, but you need to register here.

UML Modeling is a very rich subject. It is probably one of the least used Delphi features. Maybe because of the visual "Rapid Application Development" paradigm that Delphi developers are so used to, where modelling the app is actually building it. The prototype suddenly becomes the working system and there is hardly any place for the conceptual phase of application development. It is perfectly OK for simple applications that we can build quickly. When it comes to complex systems, spending time on analysing the problem domain, properly designing strong overall architecture will pay off in the longer perspective.

Delphi Enterprise provides rich set of code modeling features that I would be only able to briefly touch during this one hour technical webinar. The slides will be kept to minimum and the goal of the webinar is to show how Delphi code modeling functionality can be useful in your day to day developer work.

I'm going to show in action live source code modeling, using "Gang of Four" integrated design patterns, documentation generation, audits and metrics and much more! 

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