Migrating ASP.NET projects to RAD Studio 2007

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We're working on migrating the CDN and GetPublished ASP.NET applications from BDS 2006 to RAD Studio 2007, which involves a lot of renaming and copying files around (since we're also changing the source tree for a lot of these projects). If you're migrating a large project, here are a few things to watch for:

  1. Delphi 2007 keeps the old project's search path, which might lead to compile errors when trying to use older versions of referenced units and assemblies. Open the Project|Options dialog, and delete the old paths from your search path, including the .NET 1.1 and BDS 2006 shared assemblies paths.
  2. Check all the references to the Borland.* assemblies, and if they point to the old version, remove and re-add them.
  3. The default output directory for packages is now in the "all users" directory. If you want your packages and executables in the same directory as the project, set the output directory to ".". You can also change the unit and DCPIL output directories, but it seems that if you change them the compiler has trouble finding DCPILs for external assemblies (or worse, start giving annoying errors like "bad package format" and weird internal errors), so I recommend leaving these options blank and let Delphi figure out what to do with the files.
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    John Kaster Wednesday, 26 September 2007

    Thanks for documenting this tip Yorai. For converting lots of projects, these are great tidbits.

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