Microsoft mentioning RAD Studio Desktop Bridge Support

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It is a fairly interesting time to see Microsoft promote RAD Studio Berlin Update 2 support for the "Centennial" bridge, as the only IDE providing this capability out of the box.

First, Microsoft Windows Developer account tweeted about it at (see below):

Second, RAD Studio has been mentioned in the blog post "Conversion options for bringing your existing desktop app to the Universal Windows Platform using the Desktop Bridge" at, Towards the middle of the long post you can read:

"Additionally, Embarcadero has announced support for the Desktop Bridge in RAD Studio, which lets you directly output a Windows app package through the build process."

And third and even more relevant RAD Studio in mentioned in the official MSDN documentation at

For more information on our side, you can refer to:

- The new desktop Bridge landing page:

- The blog post (and webinar recording) by Pawel: (the video is at

- My blog post offering an overview:

There are more and more of our customers publishing Delphi and C++Builder applications on Windows Store, let us know of any relevant application that gets published so we can track it. As a reference, my "My MiniFigures" store app has been had 420 downloads so far, but I'm sure you can beat it!

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    George Birbilis Tuesday, 27 December 2016

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    says part of page not secure [e.g. images may be using http:// url] - you can try using //someimage.jpg instead of hardcoded http://someimage.jpg I think in pages to mean use the same protocol as the page. Or else redirect all http to https and fix pages to only use https in images etc.

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