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There's been a bit of debate about memory managers for Delphi, and it's probably no surprise that many Delphi programmers don't know that you can actually replace the default memory manager in Delphi with your own, or more likely one that someone else has built.

This has prompted me to have a quick scan of what alternatives there are, and provide a list here. I'm not going to go into the pros/cons of each; please read the documentation associated with them and decide for yourself :-)

Ray Lischner's memory manager:

NexusDB's memory manager:

BigBrain's memory manager:

RecyclerMM from Eric Grange:

Pierre le Riche's variation of RecyclerMM:

A couple of others available at this page on Torry's:

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    Alejandro Tuesday, 12 April 2005

    Hi, i have used Nexus Memory Manager and solved my problems of memory leaks. The application is a server that uses a pool of modems and had crashes very often and out of memory exception, since we used nexus memory manager we can say that is an application 24x7 very robust.

    I don´t understand why the memory manager that comes with delphi is so bad.

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