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I've just finished my first leg of the RAD Studio XE5 World Tour, traveling around the Nordics. Its been great visiting (pics in links) Espoo in Finland; Stockholm & Gothenburg in Sweden; Oslo in Norway; along with Horsens and Ballerup in Denmark, where we have seen record numbers of new customers to our events. (Many of whom you can see on my twitter feed @DelphiABall - tweeted from Delphi iOS and Android versions of the same application - FirePhoto).

Along the way I have been traveling with Lee Clark, Partner Manager for the region, and we have been having a number of additional meetings in restaurants, offices and after the events with customers. We have been listening to a wide range of amazing things they are doing with the RAD Studio products, and also most importantly what they are planning to do. (My personal favourite was the company developing automated milking machines using 3D cameras to make sure the cows udders are located manually and listening to how they are using RAD studio as part of that chain to).

The big thing on the road this year is the introduction of the Android platform true native compiler for Delphi, (joining iOS, Mac OS X and Windows), and it seems you are all ready to (including this link from developer group in Gothenburgdevelop native Android apps with Delphi :-) Along with all the new faces it was also great to have a word or two along the way from different developer group during or after events.

Part of the tour we have been talking about the 5 Mistakes Developer Make when going mobile. For a lot people they are moving from the desktop (Business to Business, Business to Consumer) world and looking to embrace the mobile revolution to bring additional value to their current product lines. This is increasingly important as no matter how long you have had a relationship with a specific client base, they will be asking for access to their business system via mobile, and if you can't bring that value to their time and operations, you will loose customers, and anyway, its great fun developing and innovating in new ways with the mobile platforms we have today.

A couple of links along the way that people have found useful:

Anyway, in a couple of weeks I'm off to Mexico for a couple of events down there, thankfully with translators and i'm looking forward to hear more from developers about what they are doing with the tools.
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