Locking my iOS drums app to landscape orientation

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I've recently decided my PlayMyDrums iOS app is best suited for the iPad and more specifically landscape mode (rotated 90 degrees). Take a look at the app in Portrait mode - it doesn't provide enough playing area since it shrinks the image to fit. Additionally, the FireMonkey ellipses I used to specify the hit area need to be aligned to work in portrait mode.

Since I've decided to make it work in Portrait mode only, I am not going to worry about realining for this orientation. Rather I am going to lock this application to not display in Portrait. With RAD Studio and FireMonkey on iOS this will be very easy - I simply set this as a project option and the Application properties (and plist.info) get updated for me automatically.

Now, the app loads in landscape mode (even the splash screen) and the user cannot rotate it into portrait mode.

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