LMD Innovative – Components for Delphi and C++Builder

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Embarcadero Technology Partner Spotlight

LMD Innovative – Components for Delphi and C++Builder
Rafael Maricca – LMD Innovative
Thursday, June 11, 2015

YouTube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n42Oiq4Yfw

LMD VCL Complete 2015

LMD VCL Complete 2015 includes all current LMD Innovative VCL main products including all standalone packs. To review a complete list of all changes check out the What's new section on our public LMD Wiki.

  • LMD-Tools 2015 - the legendary component suite containing more than 400 VCL(.NET) components for any task you can imagine!
  • LMD ElPack 2015 - the Unicode enabled component suite containing more than 170 VCL(.NET) controls!
  • LMD IDE-Tools 2015 - components help you to set up a complete IDE environment (including editor, designer and project management support) in a quick and easy way
  • NG Complete 2015

NG Complete 2015

The new Next Generation (NG) Control Suite supplements the LMD line of products for Embarcadero Delphi/C++Builder. While LMD VCL products still (now and in the future) support legacy IDEs (Delphi/C++Builder 6 and higher), NG components make use of new IDE and language features of most recent IDE releases (Delphi/C++Builder 2009 and above). This approach allows us to neglect compatibility issues (e.g. Unicode and Generics support) and to use ideas which are not possible with older IDEs. Besides that NG Controls are designed to be lightweight and task-focused. They do not represent a complete framework like the LMD VCL platform and can be used at the same time with LMD VCL controls, the VCL (and later FMX) or any other 3rd Party toolbox.

Additional product information:

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