LLVM: An emerging industry standard

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I was reading, with great interest, an article on Wired today about LLVM.  The author correctly points out that most of his readership will probably not have heard of this technology but he posits it is incredibly important in the world they do know, iOS and Android, and how it is the last bastion of technology that binds Apple and Google together. As such, it is quickly becoming the industry standard.

LLVM is a technology that Embarcadero has been investing in for many years as well. Our first toolchain with LLVM was our 64-bit C++ compiler for Windows back in November. That release, by the way, represents the first commercial LLVM based compiler for Windows.  It took many years to get to that point and now the pieces are falling into place for rapid releases. In April, we delivered our first ARM toolchain for iOS with LLVM and later this year it will be available for Android, followed shortly by a C++ version for both platforms.

LLVM is more than just a compiler backend (code generator) these days. It has become the umbrella project for many other of the toolchains from other language front-ends, to linkers, and debuggers, and many other ancillary build tools. For instance, one of the other tools we've been investing is in LLDB, the debugger project. While LLDB has quite a bit of work still to make it production ready we've been actively brining it to Windows and enabling our debug info within it. You can check out our posted sources for more details.

In addition to international language standards, like ANSI/ISO C++, industry standards like LLVM have tremendous importance - as conveyed in the Wired article and we are very excited to participate in its emergence.

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    JCM Doggen Thursday, 25 July 2013

    At a minimum, I would have expected this article to explain the acronym (low level virtual machine) ;-)

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    David M Thursday, 25 July 2013

    I'm really glad you're using LLVM! As I understand, it's not used throughout all the toolchains yet, is it... but it will be, is that the plan?

    I'm a C++ Builder user, and haven't ported to 64-bit yet, which I think is the only Windows C++ toolchain that uses LLVM, isn't it? (Although we own XE4, and plan to upgrade.) I'm specifically interested in the extra compiler optimisations it will give, and also I would very much like to see the new C++ tech available for Win32 as well. I know it's a bit more complicated due to structured exception handling etc, but it would be good, primarily because we would really like more 32-bit optimisations, and it will help us keep parallel 32 and 64 bit builds for the next couple of years until we can afford to drop 32-bit completely.

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    [...] then the LLVM tool chain has integrated itself into both the C++ and Delphi toolchains and Wired wrote about [...]

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