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Happy New Year to all developers in the World!

Just got back from Christmas/New Year holiday in Poland. I have planned to do some sking, but it was just too warm, and hardly any snow. Had great time though. Windows Workflows turned out to be very interesting technology to look at, however recent posts from David I, and Nick Hodges brought my attention to dynamic languages in general, and specifically to php.

While waiting for the plane I have spotted an interesing magazine "PHPsolutions". It is currently available in Polish and French only, so I thought to share below a summary of some interesting PHP-related informations and useful links.

  • HotScripts one of the biggest resources for php scripts (+13k scripts)

  • DevPapers article "Working with PHP datatypes" by Steve Adcock is a very basic introduction into PHP datatypes. It is short and discusses absolute basics like defining variables, constansts, checking which data types given variable contains if any, and some conditional statements. Very useful for starters (like myself).

  • php directory is a project that aims at providing links to the most relevant php resources.

  • php interactive is an interesting php scripts that provides a possibility to interactively preview output from php scripts in RAW and HTML format.

  • phpriot provides one of the many "paste-bin" scripts available in the Internet that makes it easy for developers to paste their scripts for others to review, comment, and help troubleshoot bugs. At a different place on the same site there is an interesting list of 12 features expected from a php IDE.

  • w3schools PHP tutorial does not differ from other useful tutorials avaiable on this site. A very good php reference.

  • PHP-qt is a very interesting combination of php and Qt library known from Kylix. It turns out that php language can be also used for writing client-side GUI apps.

  • XAJAX is an open source PHP class library that allows to create web-based, Ajax applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

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