Learn How To Debug Faster And Smarter In RAD Studio With Primoz Gabrijelcic

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We all have to debug programs and we never like it. This CodeRage XI replay session will show you a few tips & tricks that will help you debug your code in a faster and smarter way. The session will show how to use few less-known debugger features (groups, thread support, data breakpoints ...) and will also present few tips and trick (how to add a log ""form"" in two lines of code, when modifying code is preferable to setting a breakpoint with condition etc). Be sure to check out the tip about super fast DCU compiles.

Primož Gabrijelčič is a long time Pascal and Delphi developer, MVP, speaker at Delphi conferences and writer of the The Delphi Geek blog. His professional career is focused mostly on high-availability data processing servers which resulted in a well-known open source parallelization library - OmniThreadLibrary. Recently he is spending his free time on the FastMM project where he focuses on improving memory manager performance in highly-parallel environment.

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