JSR 208: Java Business Integration (JBI) Early Draft Review specification

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I was reading the SD Times Monday 11/08/2004 e-newsletter about the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification being in Early Draft Review status. The close of the early draft review is November 22, 2004.

Quoting from the JSR 208 page - "Java Business Integration JSR (JBI) extends J2EE with business integration SPIs (service provider interfaces)." JSR 208 implementations will support industry standards including Web Service Choreography Interface (WSCI), BPEL4WS, and the work of the W3C Choreography Working Group. "The industry is currently on the path to define standards for business integration that form a new layer of standard metadata in the web services stack. While this work is not complete as yet, the general shape of this standard metadata can be seen in the WSCI and BPEL4WS proposals. The industry needs a standard in this space and we look to the recently chartered W3C Choreography Working Group to drive the convergence of these and other related efforts. The JBI SPIs will reflect the industry consensus that emerges from this work."

JSR 208 Early Draft Specification Page

This draft is available for Early Draft Review as per Section 2.3 of the Java Community Process(JCP) Program, version 2.6.
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