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BeaconFence is a developer proximity solution that delivers precise “GPS-Free” indoor/outdoor user location tracking and events with radial and geometric zones for any physical location and layout. Visually draw the layout of the physical location and beacon placement to track location information down to inches. Create radial and rectangular zones and track intersections, enters, and exits with callback events. BeaconFence enables developers to take proximity beacons to the next level by adding precision spatial location awareness to their applications both indoors and outdoors.


Click on the banner below to register for Tuesday's Skill Sprint on BeaconFence (August 11th, 2015).

To access and download BeaconFence, you need to have XE8 Update Subscription Update 1 installed. Launch XE8, and go to Tools > GetIt Package Manager, then search for BeaconFence. You will see a "Buy Now" button under the GetIt entry that will direct you to the free $0 Pluto SKU in our web store. After you have gone through the checkout process, you will receive a confirmation email with an activation link. After clicking on the activation link in your confirmation email, close GetIt in the IDE and launch it again. You should now see an "Install" link under the BeaconFence entry.

The free Pluto license allows you to set up and deploy BeaconFence with support of up to 3 beacons, 1 location with a building size of up to 1,500 square feet / 150 square meters and 1 application.

Please contact the sales department to learn more about BeaconFence pricing and to upgrade your BeaconFence plan.


See you tomorrow for the BeaconFence Skill Sprint session hosted by David Intersimone.


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