Join us for DataRage 2 -- May 25-27, 2010!

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What's DataRage?

DataRage is three days of 100% online technical sessions you can attend from wherever you like to log in. It’s bringing top industry speakers, technologists, and industry practitioners to present on a wide variety of database-related topics, a raging confluence of conveniently-delivered information you can’t get anywhere else. And it’s free!

DataRage is designed for you. It features both advanced and introductory education and training sessions from leading experts to help you with the latest thinking and tips on:

  • Data modeling and database design techniques

  • SQL optimization strategies

  • Database change management processes

  • Productivity tips & tricks with industry leading products

  • ER/Studio®, DBArtisan®, DB Optimizer, Rapid SQL®

  • …And more!

Why DataRage?

There’s so much you have to know, so much you have to do, and you’re constantly being challenged to keep up with less – less time, less money, less training, and even less staff. DataRage strips away the marketing and serves up meaty, real-world technical sessions designed to provide you with information you can put to work immediately in your environment. And DataRage delivers it to you in the most efficient manner possible – online. Attend the live sessions and interact with session leaders and your peers, or if you miss a session, you can return any time for an on-demand version at your convenience.

Who Should Attend?

DBAs, data architects, SQL developers. If you’re responsible for data modeling, administration, availability, change management, or performance optimization, DataRage is the event for you. And at DataRage, you can connect—virtually— with hundreds or even thousands of others who are working to solve some of the same issues as you.

Click here to see the comprehensive schedule of training classes and register for this event today!

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    Weston Bell Tuesday, 25 May 2010

    How can I obtain recordings of the Data Rage 2 Webinars?
    The time zone makes it impossible for me to attend the live sessions.

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