Join the DB Optimizer 1.5 beta test program - fix your poor performing databases

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Do you have poor performing SQL databases?  Do you need a better SQL database profiling and tuning tool?  The DB Optimizer 1.5 Beta Test program is available now!

A few of the new features in DB Optimizer version 1.5

  • Multi-platform tuning - DB Optimizer 1.5 now includes tuning for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, and DB2 - including hints, SQL rewrites, index analysis, and explain plan comparison

  • Continuous profiling - In DB Optimizer 1.5, profiling can be run constantly, keeping one hour of time in its window and tossing out any profiling data older than a hour – the hour can be saved at any point and act as a snapshot

  • Command line interface - Allows schedulers or other products (i.e. Performance Center) to launch profiling jobs

  • UI enhancements for eased navigation and simplified workflow

  • Unicode support

  • SQL Server 2008 support

Joining the DB Optimizer beta program

To participate in the DB Optimizer beta test, you will need to fill out the initial application and then sign the Master Beta Test License and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once that is complete, we will promote you to a tester and you'll start receiving program updates, including the information to download the build.

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    Wilfred Oluoch Tuesday, 10 February 2009

    Thank you

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    JLouro Tuesday, 10 February 2009

    What about blackfish is it already covered by this version? If not when is it going to be?

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