Join me for 3 DataSnap multi-tier development webinars on February 10/11 - around the world in 14 hours!

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No matter where you live around the world, I'll be presenting a DataSnap, "Your data - where you want, how you want it", live webinar for you.  At three separate times on February 10 (February 11 if you are in the Asia Pacific region), I will be giving (live via the Internet) the deep dive demonstrations. The times are (click on any of the time links to get to a registration page and reserve your seat):

While other RAD tools limit you to a specific database or architecture, or rely on “universal” data connectivity options, using RAD Studio's (Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism) openness provides the flexibility and performance you need to build superior real-world applications. DataSnap with JSON, REST, HTTP, TCP/IP and XML support provides client/server and multi-tier connectivity with virtually any other system.

I will take you on a multi-tier programming journey:

  • from the start: building DataSnap servers on Windows using Delphi and DataSnap clients using Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism and Delphi for PHP.

  • to the finish: showing you how to build data filters, synchronous callbacks, custom server methods, authentication and Web targets.

Before and/or after the webinar(s), get fast results with Bob Swart's step-by-step DataSnap whitepaper - Download Now!

Get a hands-on approach to the power and flexibility of DataSnap in RAD Studio 2010. From getting your first server and client apps going through to working with .NET as well as using internet protocols and callbacks, Bob leads you in easy steps to get fast and powerful results. Download this unique and FREE white paper now!

Do you need a quick introduction to DataSnap development?  Get a fast start the easy way - watch Bob's YouTube Video Tutorials Now!

  1. Building DataSnap servers

  2. Adding Web Broker targets

  3. Adding custom server methods

  4. HTTP authentication

  5. Using DataSnap data filters

Come join me for some DataSnap technical fun live, online!  After you've registered, check out the new DataSnap RAD in Action page.

Programming is Life!

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