Webinar Replay for Web Razor Scripting with WebBroker

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Join Delphi Product Manager, and book author Marco Cantu for this webinar on Delphi Web Razor Scripting with WebBroker.

Marco CantuDelphi Razor is a web scripting notation heavily inspired by the ASP.NET Razor notation. The Delphi tie in comes form the ability of the application to expose objects, list of objects, and datasets to the web page processing engine, by means of RTTI. The razor page processor and web engine can be used in WebBroker and DataSnap applications, replacing the old style PageProducer components.

In this webinar He'll cover the foundations of the Delphi Razor scripting language, see how it can be used as a drop-in replacement of PageProducer, see how it can handle complex dynamic website, and showcase a couple of real world examples based on Bootstrap. I'll show demos running on Windows and Linux servers.

He'll also touch on development plan of this (personal) open source web scripting engine for Delphi.


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