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Today is April 1st, 2008.  This is blog post is definitely not part of an April Fools Day joke.  We really did announce the newest edition of JBuilder.   The press release is available on CodeGear.com.  You can pre-order JBuilder 2008 on our shop site.

Several news articles have already appeared on magazine web sites:

JBuilder 2008 puts focus on code reuse - Computerworld, by Heather Havenstein
Java IDE adds Application Factories for code reuse - InfoWorld, by Paul Krill

In Paul Krill's article, industry analyst Vishwanath Venugopalan of The 451 Group, constrasted Microsoft's Software Factories and CodeGear's Application Factories in the quote "Software Factories encapsulates patterns of usage and reuse at the source code level, whereas Application Factories capture patterns in how the development tool itself is used," Venugopalan said. "In other words, Application Factories encourages capturing and reuse of development best practices rather than architecture and design patterns."

Additional product information is available on the JBuilder product page.

JBuilder 2008 on the CodeGear shop site.

You can also contact our worldwide resellers.

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    Roman Vasin Tuesday, 1 April 2008

    Great news! But when Delphi 2008 for Win32 will be available? I asked the question on delphi non technical few days ago. But I did not get any answers.

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    Lou Glorfel Saturday, 5 April 2008

    I tried the Turbo version of 2008. It is so crippled that it is almost useless. The 2007 version is much better. The Swing designer is junk in the Turbo version! Maybe worthless would be a better term. The Designer view shows very distorted text compared with the 2007 Designer. I am developing a simple (some might say complex) numerical application with Turbo 2008, but I am not impressed so far. I have to hand code such simple things as menus. They do show up in the Designer view but what a pain. The organization looks like it dates back to JBuilder 2005 with jbinit. I'm sure the full blown product is great, but the new free version will not sell many users on the power of JBuilder.

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