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I'm back from ITDevCon 2010 European Delphi Conference and it was pure pleasure to be in Verona again for one the best - if not the best - Delphi events this year. This is the second edition of the conference that wants to be the most important live Delphi event in Europe and is on the very good track to achieve this goal!

Like last year the conference was organized in three simultaneous tracks. Some sessions were in Italian and some in English. The names of tracks were appropriately chosen as for a Delphi conference: "TObject", "TComponent" and "TForm".

BitTime - the organizer of the conference and Embarcadero partner for Italy - managed to invite an impressive number of top Delphi speakers from all around the world. Some of them already blogged about the conference, including Marco Cantu, Primoz Gabrijelcic and Bruno Firens.

It was impossible to follow each session, so I had to make some difficult choices.

The first session for me was "Extending the Delphi IDE" by Bruno Fierens from TMS Software.
Bruno demonstrated practical examples of using the RAD Studio OpenTools API, including: adding custom forms and wizards to the "New Items" dialog, implementing dockable forms (and the hackery to get them registered with the IDE so their positions are remembered as part of a desktop) and adding custom context menus to the Project Manager. Check out some of the TMS Software "free tools" like Clipboard Monitor. Very cool.

The next session I have seen was by Jose Leon Serna on "What's New in RadPHP". Jose Leon is the architect of the RadPHP, so he is really the ultimate source of RadPHP information.

"RadPHP" is the new name for the "Delphi for PHP" product, which is now part of the RAD Studio XE. During recent launch events I have been always demonstrating RadPHP and it is really an exciting product. The new RadPHP has been rewritten from scratch and it looks and feels like Delphi 2010. Some of the new features presented included: fast IDE load times and possibility to run many IDE instances at the same time, improvements in Object Inspector (fast navigation in Object Inspector with "tab" key - just hold tab and start typing the name of the property), improved Data Explorer with new SQL Editor, new IDE Insight, new History Manager, fully customizable Tool Palette and new refactorings. RadPHP also includes brand new debugger based on xDebug and new support for code documentation ("Tools -> Documentation Wizard"). There are also new components in RadPHP that wrap jQuery and qooxdoo JavaScript libraries. Very interesting!

I have also seen Jose Leon session on building DataSnap clients in RadPHP using new "DataSnap REST Client Module" wizard and missed the session on Facebook development, because I was presenting "DataSnap XE Overview" at the same time.

I would also like to mention excellent sessions by Primoz Garijelcic, better known as "The Delphi Geek".
Primoz demonstrated technical insight into the FastMM - the memory manager used by Delphi itself.
On the second day Primoz gave an overview of parallel programming and showed the OmniThreadLibrary that simplifies writing multithreaded applications in Delphi.

Some quotes from Primoz slides: "debugging multithreaded applications is pure insanity" and the famous quote from Danny Thorpe: "New programmers are drawn to multithreading like moths to flame, with similar results"


Great event Fabrizio and the whole BitTime Team! There was lots of positive energy and pure Delphi spirit - I am looking forward to the ITDevCon conference next year!
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