IoTLivingLab Workshop at Amsterdam DataLab

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One of the coolest things for me this week was attending "Kickstarting IoT Initiatives" meetup with Maxime from Barsten in Amsterdam DataLab.

This iotlivinglab session in Amsterdam DataLab was very inspiring. Combining data available from the cloud with information received from IoT sensors by a mobile device opens a lot of possibilities to create new generation user experience. 

It was great to see IoT enthusiasts brainstorming about IoT-related initiatives that can benefit citizens of Amsterdam and all people in general.

Paul and Casper explained the idea of the workshop and how to kickstart an IoT initiative.

Very quickly six 3-4 persons ad hoc teams were created and ideas started to flourish.

The idea of our team was about using gamification strategies in engaging citizens and tourists for smart city crowd management. With C++Builder or Delphi very quickly you can get from an idea to a working beacon-enabled app that can be natively built from one source code to Android, iOS and other platforms.

Amsterdam DataLab is a nice working "hub" environment using and maintaining open datasets related to Amsterdam that any app or system can integrate into. Under fixed URLs there are daily updated JSON data sets that can be used in third-party apps to display information. The list of URLs are available at and include informations about different points of interest in Amsterdam.

It should be relatively easy to integrate this JSON into a Delphi app... ;-)

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