IoT Integration with RAD Server webinar, Feb 2nd, 3PM Amsterdam

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The world of Internet of Things is simply exploding! It is arguably the most interesting area in the IT landscape to watch. IoT is still in its infancy. Everybody knows that it is the next big thing, but there is no clear technology standards or market leaders.

Building a complete IoT solution is more then just responding to beacon's proximity events in your mobile app. You need to have a central place to manage your complete IoT infrastructure and logic. In the world of Delphi and C++Builder this central data hub is RAD Server, which has built in functionality for collecting data coming from all kinds of sensors and devices.


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  • Bruce W30547
    Bruce W30547 Friday, 3 February 2017

    Is there a recording of the "IoT Integration with RAD Server webinar" that ran on Feb. 2nd? I wanted to go over it again as I missed the beginning

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