Internet of Things (IoT) sessions at CodeRage 9 - October 28-30, 2014

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The theme of this year's CodeRage 9 free, online virtual conference is "You are the Developers of Things, Everything!" CodeRage has more than 80 technical sessions covering programming, app development, multi-device app design, database programming, distributed computer, devices, gadgets, wearables and the Internet of Things.  The Internet of Things is covered in many of the technical sessions that take place next Tuesday (October 28), Wednesday (October 29) and Thursday (October 30). The following are just a few of the online sessions that are taking place at the conference that runs from 5am to 7am Pacific Time each day.


Creating Highly Connected Apps with Bluetooth and Kinvey

  • C++ track - Tuesday 12noon
  • Object Pascal track - Tuesday 11am

Enterprise Mobility Services: Introduction

  • C++ track - Tuesday 3pm
  • Object Pascal track - Tuesday 2pm

Exploring the Brain Computer Interface

  • C++ track - Tuesday 4pm
  • Object Pascal track - Tuesday 3pm

Voice-Enable your Android Apps

  • C++ track - Tuesday 6pm
  • Object Pascal track - Tuesday 6pm

App Tethering for VCL/FMX using WiFi and Bluetooth

  • C++ track - Thursday 11am
  • Object Pascal track - Wednesday 5pm

Bluetooth Classic and LE Programming with VCL and FMX

  • C++ track - Thursday 1pm
  • Object Pascal track - Thursday 9am

C++ Opening Keynote

  • C++ track - Tuesday 7am

Object Pascal Opening Keynote

  • Object Pascal track - Tuesday 7am

Enterprise Mobility Services: Working with SQL Databases

  • C++ track - Wednesday 7am
  • Object Pascal track - Wednesday 8am

Android Push Notifications

  • C++ track - Thursday 12noon
  • Object Pascal track - Thursday 11am

InterBase Keynote

  • C++ track - Thursday 9am
  • Object Pascal track - Thursday 8am

Embedding local and remote data access into your applications with IBLite

  • C++ track - Thursday 3pm
  • Object Pascal track - Thursday 6pm

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