Interesting RadPHP webinar tomorrow (Dec 14)! Building Facebook apps and more!

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I have my calendar booked for super interesting webinar tomorrow: “Simple solutions for developing PHP web and Facebook applications”. The webinar is available globally, in three different time slots for different timezones. It is free, but you need to register at

These are the available sessions and registration links:

6AM PST / 2PM GMT (Dec 14, 2010)
11AM PST / 7PM GMT (Dec 14, 2010)
7PM PST / 3AM GMT (Dec 15, 2010)

RadPHP is the newest member of RAD Studio and is probably the most interesting IDE for building PHP web applications. During recent RAD Studio XE World Tour events I have been always starting demos from a short overview of RadPHP (formerly known as "Delphi for PHP") and it was received very well. It is taking the Delphi programming experience and applying it to PHP development. RadPHP IDE looks almost identical as Delphi IDE. It has components, forms designer, object inspector and everything that we - Delphi and C++Builder programmers - are used to.

There is lots for information about RadPHP, including videos and white papers collected at the

The other useful source of videos and latest information is at RadPHP blog.

Do not miss the RadPHP webinar tomorrow!

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