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InterBase XE7 - Download it now! 

Its been a busy week with the launch of InterBase XE7, the LIVE events and a well attended global webinar! As the Product Manager for InterBase, I have seen the planning, development and delivery of some amazing new developments over this last year or so, and its been great being able to share all this great new stuff with you!

Whats new in InterBase XE7?

In short, the big headline items include

  • Change Views
  • New - 64bit Linux support
  • New - Ubuntu Linux support
  • A number of speed improvements (as you would expect)
  • 64bit transaction ID's = longer running databases
  • Incremental data dumps for faster backup
  • Additional API support
  • Performance Monitoring updates

Change Views!

InterBase XE7 (codenamed DeltaForce during development) introduces "Change Views", which is a whole new way to track and manage changes (Delta's). If you have ever wanted an easy way to identify what delta data is needed to keep your local cache up to date Change Views is for you!

Change views identifies data at the field level with exceptionally low footprint on the database, regardless of 1 or 1000's of subscribers.

Change views introduces a subscription based model that enables you to create a subscription for Inserts, Updates, Deletes to specific tables either completely or partially. A subscription can contain links to one or more tables.

"Tracking and managing data changes to multiple destinations has never been easier; just subscribe and query with SQL!"

InterBase - the 64bit database for Ubuntu!

InterBase is also now available for Linux 64bit for the first time on RHEL 6 and 7, SUSE 11 and also for the first time official Ubuntu 14 support.

Incremental Data Dumps

A data dump is a read only copy of the database. For XE7 they are suggested as the best way to backup the database due to their speed at getting the copy updated to reflect the live version quickly, managed by delta change tracking.  This can either be done via the command line using gbak, via IBConsole of via a new services API. If your using Change Views, then you should use Incremental Data Dumps to ensure subscription tracking is maintained.

64bit Transaction ID's

One great thing about InterBase is that its an embeddable database, i.e. you can install it silently in part of your application. In the past, for exceptionally heavy users with 10's of 10,000's of transactions a day you used to be looking to schedule monthly backup and restore's to ensure you didn't run out of transaction ID's at peak time. With XE7, transaction ID's are now 64bit in size meaning that even if you were using 10,000 transactions a second, you can run for 150+ years (just a tad longer!)

Updated InterBase Documentation

InterBase has long been one of the best documented products at Embarcadero and along with the traditional InterBase documentation, InterBase XE7 also has its own docwiki site with detailed notes about the new product features

Really look forward to hearing about what you get up to with Change Views and the other new features of InterBase. 

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