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With the move to multi-platform now a possibility with FireMonkey, one question I often get asked is what database should I use? Personally for WinMac development I could think of nothing I'd rather use than InterBase. I've been using InterBase for well over a decade, and it has matured into a very fast, robust, feature rich, light weight database that really lives up to its tag line of Embed, Deploy, Relax. - As featured in this recent InterBase webinar.

Bite sized InterBase Technical Sessions

Following on from the long webinars I'm currently working on some technical detailed sessions. These video's will introduce the features and functions of InterBase to developers. The Video's will cover a range of topics from Installation, using IBConsole, iSQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Journaling etc..

The first 3 video's are now available online.

Installing InterBase on the MAC

Introduction to InterBase IBConsole

Introduction to InterBase iSQL command interface

To learn more about InterBase check out the InterBase website and check back here for additional video releases.
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