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New! Version 7.5.1 now available!

InterBase Performance Monitor is a free utility which assists in administering an InterBase 7 server. The tool allows you to easily see (and optionally alter) who and what is consuming resources on your InterBase 7 server.

  • Commit or rollback any transaction in the database from a single application.

  • Cancel a user's current operation or drop their connection completely.

  • Monitor active statements and cancel them if necessary.

  • See details of memory use.

  • See continuously updated database header statistics (make sure transactions aren't being held open).

  • Monitor the sweep.

  • Determine which procedures, tables, and views are in use, and whether or not indexes are being used.

InterBase Performance Monitor is easy to use and free! It requires InterBase 7 server, and will only work with databases created/restored by InterBase 7.

New Features in Version 7.5.1

  • Context menus on grid column headers.

  • Full support for new performance monitoring features in InterBase 7.5.

  • Visualization for logged data.

  • Monitor->Show Fields allows access to columns normally hidden (such as IDs).

  • Ability to save grid data in several different formats (HTML, CSV, XML, Excel)

  • Record count displayed in status bar.

  • IB Performance Monitor's attachment, statements, and transactions are now hidden by default. Use Monitor->Show Performance Monitor Data to turn back on.

  • Better support for non-administrative (non-Windows administrators, that is) users.

  • Grids now support multi-select.

  • User interface visual improvements.

  • Bug fixed where incorrect charset used in the IBConsole version of Performance Monitor.

  • Version number now synced with InterBase.

New Features in Version 1.1

  • Monitoring now uses less server resources.

  • Memory tab can now display as a graph with history or a grid with more detail.

  • Logging feature allows saving snapshots of DB/server state to tables in your database.

  • Elapsed time column added to Statements and Transactions tabs.

  • Added ability to display the interbase.log file from the currently connected server and statistics from current database.

  • Added preliminary Help.

  • Improved icons and Windows XP support.

  • A few bugs were fixed. The most important was fixing incorrect numbers appearing in the memory grid.


InterBase Performance Monitor 7.5.1 may be downloaded from Embarcadero's CodeCentral site.


InterBase Performance Monitor is unsupported freeware. However, I will answer questions as time permits on the borland.public.interbase.thirdparty newsgroup. If you don't have a Usenet newsreader, you can access this group via the web interface.


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