InterBase Day in Brazil

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Today we announced InterBase Day in Brazil, our first event
completely focused on InterBase. 

A few weeks ago we conducted an InterBase Survey in Brazil and
received around 2700 responses.  One of the questions was
"Do you want to participate in a 100% technical event about InterBase?",
88% said YES, so we decided to do this event.

During the event we will have a very important speaker, Shaunak Mistry, Principal Engineer of InterBase,
who will be present and will talk about disaster recovery, EUA, Blobs, Batch updates and more.

In addition, other InterBase experts from Brazil will be there to talk about: 

- Disaster recovery
- How to optimize your InterBase application
- How InterBase can help the multi-tier application
- The best practices for backup
- Discovering issues via the InterBase Performance Monitor
- How Journaling can help developers recover information
- How to control transactions to avoid performance issues
- Understand EUA - database authentication inside the database file

And much more…

Go InterBase!!!!


  • Guest
    Larry Hengen Thursday, 24 May 2007

    Is any event material going to be made available publicly?

  • Guest
    Cleiton Friday, 8 June 2007

    Vai ter no Rio de Janeiro?

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