Intel will help PC Makers in China and India put Linux on computers

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In today's (November 25, 2004) San Jose Mercury newspaper business section there is an article titled "Intel puts in plug for Linux".  The article talks about how Intel is putting together a software installation kit to help PC makers in China and India to “quickly install Linux on their computers” and “ensure Linux will run properly on Intel-based computers and work with printers and other devices”. The article goes on to say that the Intel kit will work with Linux software from Red Hat, Novell, and Red Flag Software.

While visiting Beijing in the spring of 2001, I had the pleasure to visit with the development team at Red Flag Software, focused on the development and promotion of Linux operating system and applications in China. Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. was co-founded by Software Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and NewMargin Venture Capital.  Some of Red Flag's team told me that they learned programming using Borland Delphi.

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For Linux development, you can use JBuilder 2005, C++BuilderX, and Kylix. Kylix (specifically CLX) is continuing under the guidance of the Kylix Community Project. Linux developers should also check out Cross Kylix. Cross Kylix is a free toolkit to integrate the Delphi for Linux compiler into the Delphi Windows IDE. Check out the Cross Kylix web site to learn how it works.

It's Thanksgiving Day here in the US (last month Canada celebrated their Thanksgiving Day). A day where we give thanks for our family, community, health, and more. I send along my sincere thank you to the Borland worldwide community. Thank you for support of Borland, your dedication to software development, and for being so nice to me in your emails and in person when we've met.

Read the Mercury News article

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