#ILoveDelphi, How About You?

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February 14th is Delphi’s birthday (and some other holiday). What a great time to talk about how much we love Delphi.#ILoveDelphi

I moved from Basic to Turbo Pascal back in the DOS days, and then started using Delphi with version 2. Since then I’ve used a number of other development tools, including Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, C# and others. Delphi has always been my favorite. It is the tool I turn to when I need to get something done quickly, and it is the bar which I use to measure every other development tool (and none of them measure up).

My son took a class in JavaScript through school. He was really frustrated with it, and wanted to give up programming. I told him I’d be happy to sit down with him again and teach him Delphi (I’d done it a few times in the past, but he lost interest). He reluctantly agreed. After a few minutes he was blown away. All the major frustrations he had from JavaScript was alleviated right away. Soon he created a mobile app that was useful and solved a problem for him in one of his games. He was telling his mom about how much better Delphi is than JavaScript when he said “No wonder everyone loves Delphi, it is the best!

What about you, why do you love Delphi? Create a video, a blog post or whatever works for you, and share it with the hash tag #ILoveDelphi.


  • Aubrey Herman
    Aubrey Herman Tuesday, 28 March 2017

    I started with Delphi 3, way back in the previous millennium ;) Retail software. Easy to use, and productive. It was amazing ... it still is, as far as I am concerned. Twenty years later ... another country and another sector... Delphi is still going strong ... even stronger!

  • Pradyumna
    Pradyumna Thursday, 16 February 2017

    I started with TP3.0. Somewhere along the way drifted into C for a month, got frustrated and came back to Delphi. I still have code from 1987, which works today on Delphi Berlin. Did my PhD in Structural Engg with lots of help from Delphi. Have been able to design some wonderful and complex structures in India due largely to my skills in Delphi.
    Some years ago, I felt that Delphi had become an orphan. Great to learn that Delphi is back in the mainstream and has in the top 10 on TIOBE (?) index.

  • Rafael Ribas Aguiló
    Rafael Ribas Aguiló Monday, 13 February 2017

    I started with Delphi 1 and, at that time, I read "Delphi Unleashed" from start to end (aprox. 1,600 pages if I can remember it well). And I remember when I finished the book: to me, Delphi seemed very familiar to me since then. It looked like I've been using Delphi for a long time ago. Soon I started to build custom components and I never stopped anymore!
    Not to mention, I'm aquarius like Delphi is, but from february 17.

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