I want to build a BeaconFence

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I'm not a software developer, but after seeing BeaconFence in action I'd like to learn.


My background is design, business and marketing, and amazingly BeaconFence embodies each of these areas.

There is a real design element to creating a map and layout of a floor plan and then seeing it in scale in your IDE. Defining the ultimate beacon locations to create zones and paths is pure design zen.

Through BeaconFence I can see incredible opportunity for a developer to create a business solution for any company. Retail environments run through my mind. I envision customers walking through stores (or pushing their carts) and being able to get the most out of the shopping experience. That might be through providing directions, ads, helpful hints or being able to access in-depth user knowledge. The potential is unlimited.

An industrious developer can create an OEM solution that will make them very appealing to global retailers, malls, factories, the list goes on. Developing for a single client is an opportunity to knock a customer's socks off, just think of the custom solutions and ways to differentiate them from the competition. BeaconFence can radically change how we see retail. That's only the tip of the iceberg, medical, industrial and way-finding are waiting to be developed.

Pairing a shopper's profile and purchase history is a perfect symbiotic relationship a developer could introduce using BeaconFence. Marketing to customers what they are interested in at the exact time they are looking at a product is marketing gold.  It's better than web advertising, billboards and sale signs all rolled into one.

BeaconFence does all this and so much more. I need to start taking development classes.

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