I blame Allen... MORE STUFF!!!

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I can't help myself... I have to list the coolest items that people find...

Allen walks in to a meeting late yesterday afternoon and holds up a Delphi 1 box that he found in his office - he finally realized we're moving... :) :) :)

Anyway, he says "I'll sign it!"... OK, I'm sold... Here you go:

Delphi 1 autographed by Allen Bauer!

While we're at it, I blame myself as well. Deep inside a drawer I found a pristine BRICK of "Delphi Developers Do It Faster!" bumper stickers.

Just imagine what you could do with 50 stickers!!! I didn't actually count, the number of stickers is an estimate. Could be more, could be less... Judge for yourself in the picture at eBay.



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