How To Use Real Computer Science in Your Day Job

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I'll be speaking at Lambda Jam next week. Here's the synopsis:
When you leave Lambda Jam and return to work, do you expect to apply what you’ve learned here to hard problems, or is there just never time or permission to venture outside of fixing “undefined is not a function" in JavaScript? Many of us do use functional languages, machine learning, proof assistants, parsing, and formal methods in our day jobs, and employment by a CS research department is not a prerequisite. As a consultant who wants to choose the most effective tool for the job and keep my customers happy in the process, I’ve developed a structured approach to finding ways to use the tools of the future (plus a few from the 70s!) in the enterprises of today. I’ll share that with you and examine research into the use of formal methods in other companies. I hope you will leave the talk excited about your job!

For Columbus friends who can't make it to Chicago, I'll be rehearsing the presentation this coming Saturday at 3.


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