How to get information, help and support when you need it - there are several ways.

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From time to time I get email from developers asking for help. I am always very happy to see what I can do. The topics often trigger an idea for a blog post (like this one), a developer skill sprint, a demo and a webinar. So, keep those emails coming and I will do what I can to answer and/or redirect you to other sources of information and help.

Here is my common list of places where you can get help with issues, questions and suggestions.

Quality Portal:

See if a problem is fixed or has a workaround – and to report a problem or add a feature suggestion (and vote for feature suggestions):

We also have a Rad Studio Quality Portal user guide available at



Community Questions and Answers:

You can ask questions and get community members, MVPs, field evangelists and employees to point you to sources of information, documentation, samples and advice.


Community Blogs

Many of our field evangelists and employees post information on our Community Blog site. You'll find articles, links, demos, videos and other technical information that will help you. You can post comments and ask questions on the blog entries.


Community Web and Newsgroup Forums:

We have two types of community member supported forums - our web based community forums and our discusssion forums.


Support web site:

This landing page contains links to our support knowledgebase, discusssion forums and ways you can contact developer support if you have an active Update Subscription account or want to open a case.


Platform Status DocWiki Page:

Our Docwiki has a page that gives you an overview of the operating systems platforms that are supported by different releases of RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder. For questions about the latest platform support, issues and workarounds, please bookmark the following page:


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  • Navid M585
    Navid M585 Thursday, 11 February 2016

    It is always good to point out resources. It was still a sad month for C++ Builder when Damon Chandler announced that December 2015 was the last issue of the C++ Builder Journal ( The reasons were entirely financial. It probably would have taken little resources for Embarcadero/Indera to help keep this beacon of light in the otherwise dark world of C++ Builder alight.

  • Jim McKeeth
    Jim McKeeth Wednesday, 10 February 2016

    There are also great communities on various other sites like, G+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

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