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Its amazing when I attend events all around the world how often people tell me about how they have been using Delphi for the same application they are producing for many years. The shelf life of code and the ability for Delphi to adapt to different needs over the years has seen Delphi in a range of different applications that want to benefit from REAL code running natively.

One thing that is a constant over time is change; if its user requirements, new operating system, new protocols for communication, Delphi Developers have had great capabilities over the years that have constantly been growing with modern technologies, changes that have always had great backward compatibility at their heart, a small but major reason why the shelf life of code and total cost of ownership is so much lower with Delphi. I know that certainly has kept my bosses happy over time.

I myself have written and had running applications supporting multiple currencies, languages, hardware devices etc collecting millions of pounds, euros, dollars a month directly from different banking systems supporting the back end processing of a number of blue chip companies (and smaller independents). Key things that helped me succeed was the ability to quickly prototype build and react to end user needs. This has often required connecting to multiple data sources quickly - something delphi does simply and easily - although I've always preferred InterBase as my database of choice as the software houses I've worked in have not had specialist DBA's.

One major feature of Delphi that I've exploited in the past has been its ability to share "code behind" units between different versions. Having my class factories, business logic etc as shared code that could compile for use in Delphi 5, Delphi 7, and Delphi 2009 applications enabled me to migrate the application code in a controlled manner and at the same time offer new features quickly. Indeed, I had web services written in Delphi 2009 using the same units of code for the business logic of a legacy Delphi 5 application. This allowed a quick to market route for providing access into the business engine that was used by a range of web technologies. This also had the benefit of allowing a controlled approach to updating the core user facing application, without the latter being rushed through due to the need to get new features into the business engine.

This kind of flexibility has really made a big commercial difference to me over the years, and this year is likely to be the biggest in Delphi's history, the ability to take the same code and have it compile and work on even more platforms is going to be amazing, and even though there will potentially be more changes, the fact they will be well managed is going to show again how the value of code written in Delphi just keeps going and going...

If you want to see what’s coming soon for Delphi, join the product team at the Delphi Mobile Preview Webinar next Thursday (7 days after Valentine’s day), February 21, 2013.  The mobile preview webinar will take place three times to cover the planet Earth:

Delphi and RAD Studio Mobile Preview Webinar
Thursday, February 21, 2013
6:00AM PST / 9:00AM EST / 14:00 UTC
11:00AM PST / 2:00PM EST / 19:00 UTC
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12:00PM 22-Feb Australia EDT

The new Delphi and RAD Studio development solution for iOS is coming soon. Now is a great time to get started on the path toward multi-device application development across Windows, Mac, iOS and then Android.

Register and join the fun next Thursday at
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    Commenter Thursday, 14 February 2013

    yes, the continuity and reusability is an invaluable worth for us.

    When we see the security issues of the Java layer, for weeks not fixed we are that happy to stay with Delphi...

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    bernard sibanda Friday, 22 February 2013

    This is very encouraging Steve. You are not the only. Delphi has a large support base online: This helped me a lot. I am eagerly waiting for Delphi for iOS.

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