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I'm here in Mainz - the home of Gutenberg.

This morning I presented the opening keynote for our conference here.   In the presentation I gave everyone an introduction to Embarcadero Technologies, an overview of our CodeGear and DatabaseGear products, and what's new presentation sections for Delphi 2009, InterBase 2009, Delphi for PHP, and Delphi Prism.

At the end of the opening keynote I also gave overviews of some of the DatabaseGear products that I know will be of interest developers including: ER/Studio, Rapid SQL, Change Manager, and DB Optimizer.

Who is Embarcadero Technologies?

Embarcadero Technologies provides database professionals and application developers with award-winning software tools to design, build, and run their systems in the environment you choose.  We are a company of software tool developers who care about code and data.  We care to bring you many choices of programming languages, databases, architectures, frameworks, and platforms you can leverage to build value for your businesses, customers, and yourselves.

We categorize our products into three easy buckets:

  • Design: all the tools to visualize data and code

  • Build: all the tooling to create, optimize, and deploy code

  • Run: all the tools to manage live systems

Why upgrade to Delphi 2009?

  • Expand your business into global markets

    •  Unicode enabled development environment and component library
        enhanced localization tools

  • Connect like never before

    •  Multi-tier database connectivit

    • More powerful and flexible COM support

  • Get current

    •  Delphi language enhancement

    • VCL enhancements

New features in InterBase 2009

  • Enhanced Security & Encryption

    • Over-the-Wire (OTW) network encryption

    • Strong Encryption (AES)

    • Database- and column level encryption

    • Encryption of backup files

  • ToGo Deployment Option

    • Small, portable version of the Desktop Edition

    • Uses InterBase Engine DLLs

    • No separate database server process is runnin

    • Database engine is executing in the application process space

    • Perfect for small devices and public kiosks, as well as VAR applications

Four DatabaseGear products developers should definitely explore:


  • Model-driven design environment

  • Complete database lifecycle support

  • Enterprise model management

  • Enterprise communication capabilities

  • Data warehouse and integration support

  • Quality database designs

Rapid SQL

  • Rich SQL programming IDE

  • Schema development

  • Sophisticated database project management

  • Version control

  • Code debugging, optimization, and profiling

Change Manager

  • Manage data across multiple test environments and database platforms

  • Schema Compare & Alter

  • Configuration Management & Auditing

  • Data Compare & Synchronization

  • Key benefits to Delphi developers include:

    • Streamline and accelerate development cycle

    • Ensure the integrity of your environment

    • Improve collaboration between database and developer team member

    • Quickly pinpoint database problems caused by change

    • Roll out database changes more easily

DB Optimizer

  • Graphical visualization of wait-time analysis to easily pinpoint the SQL causing poor database performance

  • Hyperlinked drill-downs for locating detailed activity information for an individual SQL statement

  • Explain plans for a better understanding of how SQL will be executed and the performance costs

  • Real-time Quick Fixes to flag and correct inefficient SQL automatically (Oracle)

  • Batch tuning of DML statements, stored routines, entire SQL files and the System Global Area (Oracle)

Also at the conference here in Mainz is Barry Kelly, Embarcadero Delphi compiler developer.  Barry gave a presentation right after my opening keynote presenting the new Delphi compiler and language features including Unicode, Generics, and Anonymous Methods.

Wish you were all here.  Some of you may be at Microsoft PDC in Los Angeles?  Stop by the Embarcadero Technologies booth (#912) at the LA Convention Center.  You can read more about what is happening on the other side of the pond by reading the Nick Hodges, Allen Bauer, and Anders Ohlsson blog posts.

Freibier für alle!

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