Happy New Year - 2012!

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Happy New Year to all the programmers out there, the start of a new year and new projects.   Thank you to everyone who took part in our tours, webinars and events in 2011.  We will do even more in 2012 to help you be successful in your development projects.  And, in 2012, we all have an extra day to write our code - it's a leap year!

Leap Year Algorithm for the Gregorian Calendar

Result := (Year mod 4 = 0) and ((Year mod 100 <> 0) or (Year mod 400 = 0));

Looking forward to see you all somewhere on the road or online in 2012!

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    roof repair new jers Friday, 13 January 2012

    I hope you had a great new year day and i really enjoyed this new year day thanks for sharing this great day.

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