Hands-On Delphi XE Developer Workshop in Utrecht (NL) today

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Today I'm Utrecht, not so far away south from Amsterdam, where Barnsten, who is representing Embarcadero in the Netherlands, organizes "Hands-On Delphi XE Developer Workshop". That's the second time this workshop is organized. Last year it went very good, and this year it looks like it is going to be fun again:-)

All attendees - about 30 - brought their laptops with Delphi XE and InterBase XE already installed and it is going to be all about practical skills, doing things and live Delphi programming in real-time.

The first speaker is Danny Wind, from "The Delphi Company" who is demonstrating "Cloud Data Storage Using Azure" with Delphi XE. We are building "PhotoStore" Delphi VCL Forms app for storing and retrieving JPEG photos inside the Azure table and blob storage. It was especially interesting to interact programmaticaly with Azure services without using Azure UI components.

In the second slot I have been demonstrating DataSnap XE programming, including two simple lab exercises. "Lab 1: Simple Calculator Service" and "Lab 2: Multitier Database Solution". The PDF files with detailed step-by-step instructions for both labs can be downloaded from EDN CodeCentral here: Lab 1 and Lab 2.

After lunch Bruno Fierens from TMSSoftware demonstrated how to practically build great looking Office 2010-like user interfaces in Delphi using TMS Advanced Toolbars and Menus. The amount of functionality that TMS components provide is just overwhelming. And they look simply great!

The last session of the day is by Jeroen Pluimers, well known Delphi expert, from Better-Office Benelux. Jeroen talks about tools you need to use to be a productive Delphi developer. There are numerous new tools integrated with RAD Studio XE including Subversion, AQTime, CodeSite, BeyondCompare. Jeroen talks about additional useful tools for Delphi developers like: SysInternals, EverythingGExperts, ModelMaker Code Explorer and IDEFixPack. Jeroen is great speaker and the audience is frequently laughing - that's always good!

Live Delphi coding is FUN!!!

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