Great Installation Experience with new RAD Studio 10.1 "Berlin"

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The new Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.1 "Berlin" have been just released by Embarcadero! I'm super excited by this new version of Delphi and C++Builder!

The very first live demonstration happened yesterday in Berlin and tomorrow there will be online launch webinar in different timezones!

Register now at for one of the live sessions on Thursday, April 21st, 6am, 11am and 5pm PDT (this 9 hours earlier then CEST, the first webinar is in Amsterdam on 15:00).

Probably to many the biggest new feature will be bringing back the floating form designer, that was last saw in Delphi 7, so you can now at the same time see the code editor and the form designer on the screen!

One of the first things to notice is vastly improved installation experience. There is new RAD Studio "Feature Installer" screen, so you can decide during the installation, and after the IDE is installed, which compilers and associated tooling you would like to install. By default only Delphi Win32, Delphi iOS, C++Builder Win32 and C++Builder iOS are installed, but you can select other platforms as well!

Platform Selection

That's really great. It can save a lot of time. Later during the installation you can also decide which components and packages you would like to install!

Additional Components

The new "Welcome" page has been redesigned and simplified as well. 

Start Here

You are just one click away from "Feature Installer" wizard, but you can also use extended and improved "GetIt" Package Manager that let you quickly install additional custom components to the IDE. There are many new "Thing Connect" components designed for integrating with specific IoT devices in a very easy way!

GetIt Package Manager

If you have not yet installed the newest RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin - do it NOW!

The best solution for building native enterprise apps for desktop, mobile and IoT from the same source code!


Here is the link to start for free!

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  • Rich Ackerson
    Rich Ackerson Wednesday, 25 May 2016

    Just thought I would chime in again with the results of my attempts to get 10.1 installed. After a two week delay, support finally got back to me. Support's advice to me was NOT to use this new installer and download the full ISO instead. At least the ISO works...

  • Rich Ackerson
    Rich Ackerson Friday, 29 April 2016

    I must say, the new installer does look much more polished and, I agree, it should make for a smoother, simpler installation experience. I only wish the installer actually worked.

    Launching the installer does bring up the "new-and-improved" experience outlined above. However, after selecting my options and the installation process begins, I am eventually greeted with an error screen reporting an "Operation Error" which explains "Cannot load data from the server"..."Downloaded file seems to be corrupted".

    I have spent the better part of a work day trying to install RAD Studio 10.1 Professional and I still don't have a working environment. I stopped counting installation attempts after my 5th failure. Between each failure I shut my computer down and restarted just to make sure I was starting over "clean". I even re-downloaded my setup program. Nothing helped. I tried reaching out to support after the first failure and again hours later after my final failure. No one has replied.

    This new installer is prettier than its predecessor; I give them an "A" for effort in the appearance of the new installation program. But if I am being honest I have to say this new installer does not work nearly as well as those from older versions. At the end of the day the important thing for any installer is to successfully INSTALL SOFTWARE. In that regard I grade this an "F".

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