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I'm probably late to this party, but I've discovered that you can find incredible deals on used CS textbooks at Amazon, especially for older editions.

For example, I recently ordered a copy of Programming Language Pragmatics, by Michael L. Scott. It's $63 new for the hardcover or $43 on a Kindle. I got a used copy of the (somewhat older) second edition for $3 + postage, for a total of $7. True, I don't get the new chapter on VMs, but I can live with that. The third edition totally dried up the market for the second, so there are really good deals available!

The book itself is good so far, though I haven't read enough to give a full review. It covers substantially similar territory as the dragon book, except more scope talking about programming languages and computer architecture and less depth talking about compiler internals. They're both worth reading.


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    maht Saturday, 20 August 2011

    I've had some great CS reads. The thing about CS is that most of it was worked out by 2000.

    Parallelism and Scalabilty seem like new subjects but the supercomputers of the 1990s already solved what we think are desktop problems now, albeit at slower clock speeds and with less memory but the principles remain.

    Just search for Kai Hwang.

    Advanced Computer Architecture for Parallel Processing is a great read.

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    Steve Friday, 30 September 2011

    I wish I could find the Knuth's art of programming (even the first three vols.) for a reasonable price. The three vols used on Amazon still cost $137 and there's no Kindle edition.

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