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Google just released a new web browser called "Chrome". I have downloaded, installed and now using it to type in words of this post. It is ellegant and intriguing. Chrome features new architecture where each browsing tab has its own OS process, which effectively creates a sandboxed environment for every session. I like the way you can dock and undock tabs with smaller and transparent display of a tab being moved. The ideas behind the new browser are very nicely explained in the form of a comic book. Another interesting aspect of Chrome is highly optimized execution environment for JavaScript programs embedded in web pages. The new JavaScript engine is called V8 and uses dynamic native code generation for faster execution times, what is discussed on the Chromium Blog and in the design docs. Google Chrome is open source under a permissive BSD license. That is really cool. 5 minute interview with some of the Chrome creators is on youtube.

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    Mirco Malaguti Friday, 5 September 2008

    Would it be a great idea to integrate WebKit in next Delphi iteration, wouldn't it?
    Mozilla's Gecko engine apart, WebKit is on his way to be the 'de facto' standard infrastructure for web-attached clients.


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    Marc Sunday, 7 September 2008

    IE8 has always had a separate process for each tab. Google just release a comic and make it seem trendy :)

    Having said that, Chrome is blindingly fast. A new tab is instant on my old Celeron PC. IE8 takes at least 1.5 seconds.

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