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I don't think is has been too much of a secret that Borland, the developer tools company, and Borland, the enterprise software tool company have been on divergent paths for many years.  Some of you may recall all the brouhaha surrounding the tendered offer from Robert Coates and crew to purchase the Delphi and deployment product group(DPG) assets in order to form a separate private entity.  Much speculation and opinions quickly formed throughout the Delphi community.  Hopefully by now you've heard about the latest news from Borland outlining a very similar internally driven strategy to do just that.  If not, please take a moment to digest the information.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Interesting, huh? Oh.. wait... that Segue thing?  That's not the part you and I are interested in.  I know what you're thinking...  I thought the same things when I first heard about this.  How will this be pulled off?  Will Delphi be able to survive?  What about this technical hurdle?  What about that hurdle?  Well, let me give you my take on all this, and hopefully some of your fears can be allayed.

First of all, I'm so totally STOKED about this!  Why?  Finally, Delphi (and the other related products) can now receive the focus and attention the've long deserved.  I can be involved with a team that can make descisions based on what is right for the product and the customers without worrying about how those descisiona align with the overarching corporate strategy.  I mean, our products will be the corporate strategy!  I applaude Tod, Rick, Matt and the other executives for their vision and care in seeing that there is still extreme value and life left in these products.  I'm excited about the possibilities to reinvest the stable revenue streams back into the products in order to better serve our customers.  Also, the potential to invest in new complimentary directions rather than orthogonal ones.  I'm sure by now your mind is reeling and spinning as fast as mine when faced all the possibilities that suddenly begin to open up!  Of course we can't do everything, but we will now have far greater control over deciding on what is the best course to take.

Tod Nielsen wasn't kidding when he came became the CEO with his tagline of “Go Big, or Go Home!”  I mean, this is capital “B“ Big, folks!  Is this a slam dunk for Delphi and the other products?  No.  Is this going to be a tough thing to pull off?  Of course!  But I certainly am excited to give it a good solid chance!  I hope that all of you, the loyal, rabid, Delphi customers, third parties, and fans will stick with us and see this through as well.  I have no doubt that you'll be pleased with how it will turn out.  Think about this folks, Delphi is no longer going to be the red-headed step child looking for it's place.

So I think I'll have to adopt Tod's tagline as well.  Go Big! or Go Home!  And Fly! Be free!  So strap yourself in tightly, cause it's going to be a fun and exciting ride!

UPDATE: Just to clarify, the spin-off of the IDE/Tools business is *not* being driven by Mr. Coates.  It is purely being driven by the executive team under the full blessing of the current Borland Board of Directors.  While the Coates proposal was interesting, it is far better that this kind of thing be driven by an internally committed and involved team. 

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    Oliver Giesen Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    I'd like to know how long ago this was decided internally. I don't think you were stricken by this move by surprise the way we were, or were you?



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    John Wester Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    Fly! Be Free! Hmmm. Have to think of that Mork and Mindy episode where Mork tosses the egg into the air....

    Seriously though, I really do hope you guys find the correct investors that will let you take the Crown Jewels of Borland and show those that have been lured by the sirens onto the shoals of enterprise sales that they took their stick off the ice...(horribly mixing a metaphor)


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    Venkatesh VT Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    Go" target="_blank">Delphi Go !

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    Lawrence Johnstone Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    One thing that should happen, but probably never will:

    When I think of Borland, what do I think of?

    -Turbo Pascal (and, by extension," target="_blank">Delphi)


    -Quattro Pro

    With the exception of the language/IDE products, they're gone now. I DON'T think of StarTeam, CaliberRM, or any of the ALM products.

    What SHOULD happen is that the new IDE company should take the Borland name, because these are the products that the Borland name is most closely associated with by the public at large.

    The ALM company can find another name -- Inprise, perhaps?

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    Liz Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    Heres to hoping the best is still yet to come

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    Allen Bauer Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    John... LOL! I was wondering if anyone would get the reference! The point is that it'll either hatch and take flight or go splat on the table-top. I certainly am going to work hard toward the former rather than the latter.

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    Charles Chaplin Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    Hi Allen,

    I currently cannot fully share the excitement you are feeling about the latest development regarding Borland and the IDE-products. This "all or nothing" mentality makes me feel really bad.

    Our company is based on an application which was and is fully developed under C++Builder. Just thinking what would happen if Borland does not find an investor for the IDE spin-off will give me some heavy nightmares for some weeks.

    I really hope that your collegues at Borland have the same positive mentality as you, so that this thing comes to a positive ending.

    Viele Glück - mucha suerte - good luck!

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    kpv Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    Guys , I just one to let you know, that there are things that can be erase, forgot or even can be broken, there are other things that stick, that are solid, and go beyond your spectations, so this its just a transaction to get back to the beginning, to give" target="_blank">Delphi his really position in market and to conquer what have lost.

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    Christopher Burke Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    Just because you get off a sinking ship, doesn't mean you will survive.

    However - it's still the best choice :)

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    Hector Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    My question is.. where is the so-called Borland "commitment" with dev tools now??.. What will happen with Highlander," target="_blank">Delphi for Vista," target="_blank">Delphi 64, etc.??.. It seems to me as if Borland was lying us all the time. And what about BDS 2006 sales??.. After this day, I think they will fall to 0. I think nobody would buy something that has unclear future.. and that also will affect all those 3rd party vendors directly related with Borland.. what a stupid decision!.. What a catastrophe!!..

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    Zenberg Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    It's really a great news! ^_^


    And it's still in Spring Festiva in China,

    So, good wishes to the coming new corp.

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    Roddy Pratt Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    I think this news has great potential for" target="_blank">Delphi, it's creators and customers. I wish you guys luck and success in choosing (or being chosen by) the best possible partner.

    Naturally there's FUD about who that partner might be, and their abilities and motives, but I guess it's best to sit tight and let you guys crank out the *DS2006 service packs (please!) in the meanwhile!

    "Also, the potential to invest in new *complimentary* directions"

    Like an IDE that says "That's a very good line of code you've just written"?



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    Humphrey Drummond Wednesday, 8 February 2006

    I had departed the" target="_blank">Delphi fold to MS visual studio. But if this meant that life was kicked into the cross platform" target="_blank">Delphi/Kylix version then I would come back. Especially if you added free Interbase which worked on an Epia processor as SQL 2005 fails to run.


    Humphrey Drummond

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    Steve Moran Thursday, 9 February 2006

    Somebody should've told Nielsen to go home. The way to get the strategy right for" target="_blank">Delphi is to expel the interlopers. The people who are going to fly and be free are your customers who bought into something that no longer exists. They must have sprayed you all with that George Bush hypnotizing spray, you all sound like you've been brainwashed. All it's short of is locking you in and telling you all to drink poison, while they make off with your bank accounts.

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    Steve Moran Thursday, 9 February 2006

    The bottom line is I just decided not to buy" target="_blank">Delphi 2006. Cheerio.

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    Vitaliy Thursday, 9 February 2006

    It is complete disaster.

    No one ever will go with tool they can't trust.

    You are so stupid about developers. These people invested their time and lifes in your products. And you told them : "Wait, it is very good idea to let it go, may be it can ever be able to survive".

    It's very bad decision.

    And, btw, your CEO is an idiot.

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    gd Thursday, 9 February 2006

    hmm... mind spinning news. The codepaths from here on are a little unclear. A nexus... No (low) transportation (sales) for a while perhaps. Will Anders wake and find you people at the coffee bar?

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    Zlatibor Boro Urosevic Thursday, 9 February 2006

    I must admit I love having the same umbrella (Borland) under which I was able to find all the tools necessary for the whole application life-cycle development, from IDEs to ALM tools, associating all of them to the same developers oriented company, which ultimately was able to bring some/much more positive feelings about its future, especially related to stable BDS 2006, new CEO (with MS,Oracle and BEA experience) and better integration among the tools, it was really seen as having a bright future.

    Now, with this HUGE change, slicing the company into two entirely separated entities, it gives the feeling like parents throwing away its baby(ies), which I would say gives more negative impression (especially among developers) then the positive one, which is the fact" target="_blank">Delphi and related tools could now potentially have much more (and direct) attention/money/investment from the new company which seems was not the case within Borland...

    ...I would like in some (hopefully near) future, when the both sides will grow and expand enough (Borland ALM and xCompany BDS/Delphi,...) they could come back together into Borland again, competing on much higher level to a "big ones" like IBM, MS, Oracle,...

    All the Best to you Guys.

    You gave us the best of breed since TP days, so please continue feeding us with the best, which I'm sure you will...



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    Delphi User Thursday, 9 February 2006

    Game over... bye bye" target="_blank">Delphi...

    does anybody here know any good online C#/Visual Studio Courses or should I go back to Visual Basic??

    I have used TP since 5.5

    and actually moved rom VB3 to" target="_blank">Delphi since" target="_blank">Delphi 1 , then I used 2,3,4,5,6 and tried to use 2005/2006 liked some stuff like refactoring and the newer editor completion ...etc. but hated the newer crap (.net/ECO...)

    It will never be the same....

    (If they had announced it as splitting Borland the IDE company from Inprise the Crap Company I would have cheered it, but now I am sad... This is just learning that a loved one has passed away)

    Thanks for all the fish

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    Delphi 6 Developer Thursday, 9 February 2006


    I have beed using" target="_blank">Delphi since version 1, I am still using" target="_blank">Delphi 6.

    I have not seen any advantage to upgrade to 7,8,2005 or 2006... this is how crappy these products are.

    So it seems my team will continue using" target="_blank">Delphi 6 until the sky falls down.

    When do you think that regular 32-bit w32 executables will stop woring on Windows? Vista? Vista 2? will it show a warning:

    This *Legacy* application is not fully supported by Widnows Vista, are you sure you want to run it?

    [Yes] [No]

    Where do we go then? Java? MS? GCC? My head hurts

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