Flotsam and Jetsam #117

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I can’t seem to find a WordPress theme that I like.  Look for the theme to change a bunch while I play around with different ones. 

I’ve started a new blog over on the Embarcadero Community site.  It will be for more “official” stuff that I post about.  You can follow me there as well as here.  Don’t worry, as you can see, Flotsam and Jetsam is still alive and well. Delphi Developer Days is rapidly approaching – and I have a lot of work to do.  There are still a few seats available for Chicago, Baltimore, and Frankfurt.  It’s not too late – we’d love to see you there.  Cary Jensen and I will be doing a session live from our Chicago event at CodeRage XI. 

Speaking of CodeRage, it is also not too late to submit a paper to CodeRage XI.  CodeRage is always a great time, and the perfect opportunity to share with people what you are working on and what you know.  The talks are pre-recorded, so, it’s a perfect venue for that developer who has never presented at a conference, but wants to give it a try.   I encourage you to submit a talk even if you are just thinking about it.  What could go wrong? Nothing, that’s what. Smile I’ve posted twice now on RAD Server – once here and also with my first post on my new blog at the community site.  I’d really like you to give it a look.  I really think it can solve the problem that many of you are having: How to modernize your codebase.  It really can do that. Berlin Update 2 – Anniversary Edition is coming soon.  There’s a webinar about it on Thursday if you’d like to attend one of the two time slots. This update represents our new approach to releasing software.  Fewer major feature releases and more smaller, focused feature releases.  Unlike previous updates, Update 2 – Anniversary Edition contains new features.  It represents our commitment to making your Update Subscription an ongoing and valuable asset.
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